Help the Pogue Family

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As a lot of you may already know, Clint Pogue and his family are in need of a lot of prayers. Clint was involved in a serious accident while working on Wednesday afternoon. He and his family have a long, tough road ahead of them. A lot of you may feel the way that I do and want to help but are not sure how. Clint and his family will face many obstacles in the future and donations may help them overcome some of those. Please feel free to make a secured donation online through, to help Clint, Cindy, and the kids, make it through the tough times ahead of them. 

If you have any questions about the site, or how the money will be transferred to the family, please feel free to contact me (Casey Corbly) through the website, or send me a message on facebook.

If you would rather help in other ways, instead of a donations, by all means please do. Also, Citizen's State Bank (the old Pacesetter Bank) will deposit money straight to the Pogue's account, if anyone feels uneasy about the website. 

God bless everyone for helping, and keep the prayers coming for Clint and his family.

To donate, CLICK HERE.