Sunday Edition

Disclaimer: The Union City Arts Festival had a large number of incredibly diverse events. The events that I chose to attend, and write about, will not provide an accurate depiction of the Arts Festival, as a whole.

Sunday Morning Ramble


I'd be lying if I said that the most enjoyable part of the recent Union City Arts Festival for me, was anything other than the Beer Garden.  

There were two Richmond, Indiana, Craft brewers on hand, New Boswell and Big Dawg, selling their liquid works of art for a very reasonable $3 a cup. J & J Winery of Richmond, was also on hand. 

After arriving at the Beer Garden, I spotted three of the Randy Players more mischievous members (better known as Atomic Wolf Productions) huddling around a patio heater. After purchasing a Cream Ale from New Boswell, I invite myself into their circle. The topic of conversation turns to the sights and experiences of the day.

We spoke of the 7 foot tall (with heels) drag queen, making rounds around town.  It was mentioned that his mid-section seemed to be hovering at eye level. I concurred, and explained is was for that reason, that I abandoned my introverted ways, and made certain to tilt my head up, and give him a friendly Mid-Western "Hello!". Twice I did that.

We spoke of our first experiences with "stringing". I had never encountered "stringing", until I seen it taking place in the foyer of the old jewelry store, as part of the Raw Pop exhibit. Stringing is when you take a piece of frayed cloth, and pull off one thread at a time, and drop it on the floor. But don't let that explanation confuse you, at its core, stringing is simply, "something to do with your hands". 

It was said that, in the same building, there were some very interesting works of art on the wall. When I went in there with my 8 year old daughter, some cosmic yoga was going on, so we weren't able to look around too much. Now, I didn't see the art in question, and if I did, I think I would have had a good chuckle. I'm just wondering if my mother seen them. She hasn't mentioned it.

I spoke of my experience at HATCH, a curated collection of emerging Mid-Western artists, in Stanley Garrett's old fire museum. I enjoyed this quite a bit, not only for the art on display, but I love exploring the old buildings in town, and had never been in there before. My favorite piece, was two stacks of small 5"x6" drawings on paper, available for purchase for 50 each. I thumbed through them excitedly. Selling simple works of art for pennies? I GET THAT. "This is what it's all about!", I told myself. It appeared to me, that they were compiled from a disinterested art class, but every now and then, I'd come across one that I really enjoyed. I put 5 to the side that I intended to purchase. As it turns out, I mistook the price of 50, as being .50 cents, rather than $50. That was a little bit out of my price range. When I told the others about this, they thought it was pretty funny.

As we stood there with our beers, in the middle of town, with the fall breeze blowing and Chris Hawkey playing on the main stage, each odd interaction mentioned, was soon followed by, "but it was cool!".