Penny Candy, Flashlight Tag, and Reasons Why We Loved Growing Up In Union City

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We decided to compile a short list of reasons why we loved growing up in Union City. We could definitely come up with many more, but we would love to hear from all of you! Let us know some of the reasons why you loved growing up in our wonderful community. We shared a photo on the Union City Now Facebook Page with the saying, "I'm Proud To Be From The Hub Of Two States". Please comment on that photo with reasons why you loved growing up here and help spread some hometown pride!! You can also share your reasons at the bottom of this post in the comments section or use #unioncitynow on Twitter.

1. Penny Candy and pinball at Westfall New Stand. -BC

2. Sledding as children at the Harter Park hill during the winter. -PB

3. A great library, swimming pool, and park. -BC

4. Cruising with friends after school and during the summer months. -PB

5. Most things I needed were a five minute walk away. -BC

6. The community was a playground for kids. We could bike everywhere, play pick-up baseball games, and play flashlight tag every night in the summer. -PB

7. Playing with my friends in the middle of our quiet street, all summer. -BC

8. Heading up to the old Pizza Hut downtown with friends after school. -PB