Be Prepared For Severe Winter Weather

Life threatening weather is possible this coming week due to severe cold mixed with snow accumulation. Models are consistent with 8"-10" of snow for much of Indiana on Sunday. The snow will start in NW IN Saturday evening, overspread the state early Sunday morning, and wind down Sunday evening in eastern Indiana. Heaviest snow will fall during daylight hours Sunday. Blizzard conditions are possible Sunday afternoon with north winds 20-30 mph.

To top that, temperatures fall steadily Sunday night and remain at or below 10 below zero all day Monday and Monday night with wind chills 30 to 40 below zero.

Police Chief Cobie Wells compiled a list of items that citizens can use to prepare for this type of severe winter weather.

Please spread the word to as many as possible to be prepared:

1. Make sure to have groceries and non-perishable food items in advance. PLENTY OF WATER

2. Try to make arrangements for a secondary, safe heat source.

3. Make sure cell phones are charged as much as possible.

4. Communicate with family and friends prior to the evnt to let them know where you are or going to be.

5. Only leave if its an emergency or if you are in need of medical services. 

6.  If you decide to be outside, make sure your entire body is covered. With the temperatures that are expected, it will take less than 5 minutes to get frost bite. Wear safety glasses. Make sure you can get back to shelter quickly and safely.

Use common sense and make sure life safety is your highest priority. Snow can be fun but cold weather can be dangerous.

Please be prepared and stay safe!!