Let the Hipster Freeze

A meme is defined as "an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture". An up-to-date dictionary, would likely mention that a meme is also one of those funny pictures that you see everywhere on Facebook. 

Last week, the UCN team decided to create our own meme (found here), to help promote the website on Facebook.  Considering that we are not great comedians, when we find the need to be funny, self deprecating humor generally works best. So, I threw some snowballs at Philip, took a photo on my ipad, and added some text. Voila!, we were ready to share with the world.

We posted it to the UCN facebook page and it instantly took off. Several other pages "borrowed" the photo, cropped off the unioncitynow.com logo, and shared it as well. Most notably, Snarky in the Suburbs, which gained over 80,000 likes from the photo. By the way Snarky, You're Welcome!

With so many people liking, sharing, and commenting on the photo, it gave us the chance to see other peoples perspective on our seemingly mild joke at a husbands expense. We decided it would be fun to share some of our favorite comments that we've read....

"I know that (expletive) wasnt shoveling. Someone get him a Starbucks!" -Einar Hanso

"That's not a husband. That's a hipster. Leave it out to die." -Greg Travers

"He's cute! Nerds are sexy." -Grace Porter

"I'm just sick and tired of men being made to look stupid and passing it off as comedy." -Dana Dreztel

"Switch the gender roles of this "joke" and there would be outrage over how misogynistic men are." -Wayde Kissane

"This clearly was made to make fun of the dog one going around. I don't find it funny at all, because I don't think making fun of this photo is cool at all. It's cruel to leave your pets outside in the freezing." -Janae Snyder

"lol" -Belinda Childers

For everyone that liked it, thank you for sharing, we're glad we could make you laugh! For those that commented on how offensive it was, thank you for making us laugh!