Bring on the Pennies!

The Penny War is ON! Starting on Monday, October 7th and running through Monday, October 14th, the students and staff at North Side will be competing in a Penny War. Each grade will be competing with each other AND against the teachers to earn points. Pennies are positive points for each grade level team and will be put into the correct team's jar. All silver coins and "greenbacks" are negative points and will be put in an opposing team's jar. At the end of the week, the team with the most positive points wins; however, the whole purpose of this event is to help North Side raise money for a very important reason.

Dylan Williams wasn't just an All-Star on the baseball diamond- he was an All-Star at North Side, too! His kind heart, winning smile, positive attitude, and quiet personality made him a friend to anyone he met. He accepted assitence when it was needed, and was right there to lend a hand when he could. He worked hard for his family, for his teachers, and to better himself. Dylan was an indelible part of North Side and won't be forgotten.

In honor of our friend, we would like to do something special here at North- either plant a beautiful Autumn Blaze Red Maple tree in front of North Side OR purchase a beautiful memorial stone. This Particular tree has been voted on of the most popular, most beautiful trees in America- it is fast growing, resilient to tough weather and disease, and turns a bright red in the fall. Seeing how red was Dylan's favorite color, we feel this is an appropriate memorial that, every year, will remind us of this special guy! A special thanks to Wasson's Nursery in Union City for their help with each memorial. The money from the Penny War that is not used to cover the cost of these items will go into the Dylan Williams Forever An All-Star Foundation account set up at Citizen's Bank in Union City.

So, start saving your pennies, and shar the word with area family and friends- the Penny War is ON at North Side!