Free Promotional Dinner For "Dead Serious About Life"

Every 38 seconds, in this country, a teenager will attempt suicide!

Now, I'm sure you have heard all the statistics, and you've heard all the excuses. If you work with youth, you know the daily pressures and issues that they face are enormous. Where do you begin? How do you reach them? Well, there is a group in the Cincinnati, Ohio area who have something that can reach out to hundreds of junior high and high school kids. We want to share it with you!

Please check out the trailer for the production of "Dead Serious...About Life" here.

There will be a free promotional dinner on Friday, January 4th at 6:30 pm at Winchester Congregational Christian Church which is located at:  128 North East Street in Winchester, Indiana. Please come to this FREE dinner to learn more about this production and then attend this life-changing production on February 9 and 10th at the Winchester Community High School.

Any questions please contact 800-459-7268 or check out their website at