UCN Interview With Underground Country Artist Jayke Orvis

Jayke Orvis is playing an upcoming show in Union City on September 8th, we caught up with him and asked him a few questions about his music, record label, and tour.

UCN: How far off would I be if I described your music to others as Bluegrass?

I wouldnt necessarily describe it as bluegrass proper, though we have the traditional string band instrumentation.
Traditionalist would have a problem with that, however traditionalist DO seem to appreciate how we do what we do. It has a lot of influence on our playing, but not as much on my writing.

How did you get hooked up with Farmageddon Records?
Darren (the label owner) has been a long time friend of mine for years now. He used to promote shows around Montana and we clicked right off the bat. I used to play out there a lot with my old band .357 String Band. When i split with that group, i had a bunch of songs written that i didnt think would ever see the light. Darren harped in my ear enough to record an album and he started the label around it. Im so proud of everything thats happened since then. He kept it going, the right way and has since brought a lot of new bands out to the fore front of this scene.

Speaking of Farmageddon, they recently held a music festival in their home state of Montana, on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park. How did things go?
It was amazing. It was a celebration of this weird family of musicians and fans alike. It was one of the greatest weekends ive had in a long long time.

You play banjo and mandolin, how did you get started with these instruments?
My best friend growing up was a total dead head hahah. I never really got into that scene but he started playing banjo because of his love for Jerry Garcia and David Grismans music. He needed someone to pick with so as a wedding present, he bought me a mandolin. I always loved Bill Monroe and old traditional American music so i just stuck with it.
I didnt play banjo until I started playing with the other band im in. The Goddamn Gallows. They wanted banjo, so i learned as best as i could to clawhammer that thing to death. Its not my main instrument, but i can kinda make the thing go haha.

You played in Belgium earlier this Summer. How was the show?
It was fantastic. They really seemed to love and appreciate the kind of thing we're doin.
How has your reception usually been with audiences unfamiliar with you or your style of music?
Its been really good. They seem to realise that were arent trying to re-invent the wheel here. Theres plenty of traditional band out there way better than us at being traditional. We have our own sound, but it hits the same elements that the oldtimers love.

Who have you been listening to lately?
Mainly a lot of metal haha. Skeletonwitch, and weird nordic folk metal.
What album changed your life?
Alice Cooper - Welcome to my Nightmare. I was seven years old and realised that i wanted to play music. It has sense ruined my life hahaha


Any song/artist that you really enjoy, but may be a little hesitant to let others know?

Wouldnt you like to know.