DIGging deeper: Interview with Brian Yount


Brian Yount is the founder of Doorways Investigation Group. A locally based group that investigates unexplained activities, to see if they may in fact be paranormal.  

UCN:Can you tell us about your Doorways Investigation Group?

BY:Doorways was a magazine that I published. It was in all the major bookstores. It was a paranormal/horror magazine. Half articles on the paranormal, the other half scary stories. I created my
own paranormal team, DIG, so we  could write articles talking about our investigations. I had to close the magazine down, but we kept going with the investigation team. We've been doing it for about 5 years. Josh Messersmith, from the Indiana side, has been helping me for about a year.  Larry Riley from the Indiana side has recently joined the team. When she has time my wife helps. We also have a investigator on the team that lives in Canada, he covers locations there.

What's the strangest thing that you've seen so far during one of your investigations?

The happened about 2 months ago, at a house on Bears Mill Rd. The woman there told us that she will not sleep in her room anymore, that her bed shakes at times, and once she felt like she'd been weighed down and couldn't get up. We've investigated her house about 4 times, each time we've captured evidence to back up what she was saying. I have vid of her closet door opening and closing on its' own. But, the last time was the strangest thing that happened there. The bedroom has two doors that close and latch together. I was sitting by the doors asking questions, and the two of them shook hard. Like somebody grabbed them and just started to shake them. Now, nobody was in the room. I knew the windows were open so I figured it was the wind. We went in and closed all the windows, five minutes later is happened again. 


How much paranormal activity have you found here in Union City?


We haven't had the chance to cover many locations here, we'd love to do some of the old buildings if given the chance. But our main goal is to help people figure out what's going on in their house, if they are experiencing something odd. I don't want to give out the exact location, but there is a house we did near the UC library, that house was one of the most active that we've ever done. We are working on one on the Indiana side, but right now I'm protecting the location of that also. That house has the most energy I've ever felt in a location, it's very weird. We had activity in the old house  we lived in and we've recorded evidence in Village Video. The house is by Village Video. We've investigated those two locations many times and recorded some very interesting things.

If there is anyone that would like us to investigate their place or business they can contact us by visiting our website http://www.digdarkecountyohioparanormalgroup.com/

All investigations are free.


What do you think causes paranormal activity?


That's hard to say. It seems like some are just trying to share a message. It's kind of funny, but others seem to just do things to tease people, being jokers. Like moving their things, messing with ones hair, turning tv's off. In extreme cases they seem to want to scare people, it's almost as if they don't want someone living in a place they feel is still theirs. But to tell you I know 100 percent sure why things happen would be a lie, all I can say for sure is I've recorded enough evidence to know that things beyond our understanding happen.


Is it true that you're scheduled to appear on the Biography Channel show, My Ghost Story? How did that come about?


Yes, we will be talking about the old house I lived in and the old video store. I watched the show, and decided to share my story with them. They really like the evidence we sent them and from there we did the interview process in LA, then they came here a couple weeks ago to film.