Opinion: The Great Leveling

By Brent Cotter

Though I enjoyed this short video, it seemed like just a clever way for a small media company to promote a clothing line and sell some t-shirts. But, the message in the video did resonate with me.

While I can't imagine all our cornfields becoming asphalt jungles, there is no doubt that industrial decline is an ongoing 40 year trend throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

I grew up hearing of the age where one could graduate high school and easily get a good paying job at a number of factories in town.

I grew up hearing that to get a good job, you had to go to college.

For a time that may have been the case. But I see a shift taking place. When hiring, young and innovative companies care about self motivation, proven technical skill sets, communication skills, and fitting in with the culture of the organization. Many tech career listings even state that formal education can be a plus or minus.

These young and innovative companies are not just in upscale urban offices. They are also hidden away in your neighbor's houses.

The global economy and more efficient business and manufacturing practices, have had a negative effect on many. But these two things are now making it possible for local craftsman to sell their niche goods globally, which can help subsidize the cost of a local store front.

So, you can go where the high paying jobs, Starbucks', and IKEAs are. Or you can stay in the place you call home and create something new and great. That's what the video is saying. Well, that and buy a t-shirt.