9th Grade Honors Project - Where are they now

By Michaela Dean, Reagan Bradbury, Ethan Kerns, Eliza McGuire

Have you ever looked at your old yearbook and wondered where your classmates are now? Well, we got ahold of a few Union City Community High School graduates to see how their life was going. Mara Mote and Tom Kerns told us about their jobs.

Mara Mote has been very successful and now works with The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Her job is to pump up the crowd and get them excited. She graduated out of Depauw University in 2011. She is responsible for booking all of the audience members, so she talks to a ton of people on a daily basis. “In a nutshell, I get to interact with hundreds of people daily and make an already exciting experience even more positive and enjoyable.” – says Mara.


Tom Kerns graduated in 1985. He played football and was in FFA. He currently co owns with his brother Kerns Brothers Inc. (KBI). They sandblast and paint asphalt plants. They started right out of school with this business, they work as far as Mississippi.