1940 Census Data for Union City Indiana & Ohio


This week, the National Archives released 1940 census data to the public. It can be found on the official website www.1940census.archives.com. This wealth of information has been unobtainable to the public for 72 years. No doubt, many historians and genealogists will be clamoring for the information it holds. In fact, the website received so much traffic this past Monday (over 20 million hits), that it crashed! 

The archives cannot be searched by name, but rather enumeration districts. We've listed Union City's enumeration districts below. Simply choose one and you will go directly to the National Archives site. Be forewarned, they are not the easiest to navigate when looking for a specific person. So be prepared to pour yourself some coffee and dig in for awhile

We'd love to hear your comments if you discover any interesting facts pertaining to your family or Union City.






19-30 (Union City, Ohio)