Worth Family Nature Preserve, Union City's Best Kept Secret

There is a difference between enjoying the outdoors and enjoying nature. While city parks are great for enjoying the outdoors, they can leave something to be desired for those wanting to observe nature in greater detail. If nature is what you are needing,  Worth Family Nature Preserve fits the bill. 

The 35 acre preserve is located approx. 3 miles south of Union City on Springhill Road. Once there you'll find a 1.2 mile trail passing through a floodplain, hardwood forest, pine plantation, managed prairie, and thickets. One path ends at Greenville creek, appearing much as it would have hundreds of years ago.

The preserve is an excellent place to go for birdwatching as well. Most notably the barn swallows in the prairie. Catch them in the right mood and they will seemingly hover, just out of arms reach. And now is a perfect time to go, as things are just starting to bloom and without the dense foliage you are able to see far into the woods. 

If you go later into the season, be sure you have bug spray and a walking stick to help knock spiderwebs out of your way on the path.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset. If you visit, please remember to stay on the walking path, and to disturb the land as little as possible. Enjoy!