Social Media and Super Bowl XLVI

Are you ready for some football!! I am extremely excited for Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday, not only because I'm a huge NFL fan but it’s being played in our own backyards in Indianapolis.  Indy is doing a wonderful job with the Super Bowl Experience and all the other festivities going on downtown. It’s nice to see Indy in the national spotlight and seeing all the “Hoosier” hospitality!!

The Super Bowl is such a social event with all the parties and events going on and it’s fitting for this week’s column because social media is making a big impact in the Super Bowl this year. For the first time ever, the Super Bowl will be streaming live online. Advertisers are creating unique ads and contests using social media. NFL Players are taking to Twitter and Google+ to hangout and chat with their fans. Volunteers are helping people in Indy find their way around by using smartphones and tablets, and people are finding out things to do by following their Twitter feeds. Social media is being utilized so much that there is a social media command center in downtown Indy feeding the fans important information about the entire experience.

There are so many things to see and do if you have the chance to go downtown. Many of you are probably like me and couldn't find the time to get there, but are still enjoying watching everything happen. Mashable has a list of people you should follow on Twitter to stay informed with what is happening during Super Bowl week and during the game. 

I hope everyone is enjoying Super Bowl week in Indianapolis and I would love to hear your stories about your experience if you were able to celebrate in Indy this week! Oh yes, GO GIANTS!!