The Wha? Column: YouTube

I’m sure by now after reading my last few columns, you are starting to get the idea of how important social media is to helping your business and your brand. There are so many things to learn about and to consider, and it’s very important to find the things that are going to be the most relevant to your business needs. Learn one medium well and then try another. You don’t want to get bogged down trying everything at once and creating content that is not well thought out because of quantity over quality. I’ve covered Twitter and some social media predictions in my last few columns and today I’m going to discuss another giant that is emerging, and that is YouTube.

Most people have heard about YouTube and a lot of people equate YouTube with talking cats, babies laughing uncontrollably at random objects and learning about "Double Dream Hands". But did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google? Of course in 2011, Google bought YouTube, which in itself should tell you that Google is going to make YouTube very relative when it comes to search optimization. Not only did Google buy it out, but YouTube also went through an entire makeover, making it easier for you to customize your channel to match your business and brand design.

Creating a video is becoming easier now that we can use our smartphones, point-and-shoot cameras and Digital SLR cameras to capture video quickly. Creating a YouTube channel gives you the ease to create your channel and customize it to fit your brand. YouTube allows you to use descriptions, tags, and categories to optimize your content for each one of your videos, which is very important for search engine optimization. YouTube also allows visitors to subscribe to your channel and they will be sent an email each time you post a new video.

Creating videos for your business can help you distinguish yourself from your competitors. Why not create a short infomercial about your products or maybe showcase a new menu item for your restaurant. Create a tutorial on how you make one of your products or a video about yourself to help the public get to know who you are and why they should shop at your business. The more creative you make the video, the chances of it being shared with others increases immensely.

We have one video created and posted on Union City Now's YouTube channel, but we are currently working on ideas for new content.  Please take a look at our channel and you can see how we've customized the background to keep our brand unified.  

Videos are increasingly being used by companies to showcase their ideas, products, and services. Why not step into the video realm and give it a try to help your business grow.  Thank you for reading this week's column about YouTube!  Do any of you have YouTube channels?