Share Your Blog!

By Brent Cotter

Some may ask, What's a blog? A blog is simply another name for a website that is often centered around one subject or one persons views and experiences. While we generally refer to Union City Now as a website, some may describe it as a blog.


Before starting Union City Now, Philip Brewer and I each had experience with our own blogs. It was that experience that was the catalyst to do something that had relevence in our own community. My personal blog is centered around nostalgic and custom motorcycle culture, and it has an e-commerce store. While it gets a decent amount of traffic from all over the world, many of my friends, neighbors, and even family, don't even know it exists.

It was fascinating to me that the website could have an engaging online experience with people all across the globe, but be relatively obsure in my own locale. So much so, that I'm interested in learning about fellow Union City residents that are doing the same thing.

So here's your chance to show off that blog you've been working on! Simply leave a comment to this post that includes your name and the web address for your blog/website or e-store. Or if you'd like, you can send a private message to us by using the contact form.

If you're up for it, the best submission/s will be featured in a full length story on Union City Now!