The Wha? Column: Your Logo Matters

This weeks column is not going to focus completely on social media but on a subject that ties everything from your business, brand, products, services, promotional items and even stationary together.  That is your logo.  Take a look around you and you’ll see logos everywhere.  On the soda can, your computer, phone, pen, shoes, shirt, and the list goes on.  As you can see, logos are important for your business and brand and you should make sure you have a professionally designed logo for your business.  If you already have a logo, re-evaluate it and make sure it truly represents the image you want your customers to see.

Logos are the face of your business and brand and are one of the most important elements that your customers will see.  The logo identifies your business and the better the logo represents your brand, the easier it is for people to recognize and remember you.  Logos also convey trust with customers and give them a sense of security that you are a legit business.   Take for example searching for a lawn care business.  You might come across two businesses and one may have a well-designed logo while the other one is very generic and not well designed.  Which one conveys more legitimacy and a sense they are well established and know what they are talking about?  Usually the company with the better logo does.  So you can see how important it is to think about what you want your logo to convey.

Logos are usually designed with creative fonts and unique symbols.  Think about Google, Nike, Apple, and Coca Cola.  As soon as you see their logos, you have it engrained in your memory of exactly what type of company they are and what products they offer.  You want people to instantly recognize your logo and to identify that with what you offer. 

You will have to take in consideration the areas where your logo will be displayed.  Is it going to be on your products, your website, social media, and promotional items?  It’s important to know these things when you are designing the logo because you want to make sure your logo can be resized without losing quality and you should keep colors to a minimum because the price of printing rises as you introduce more colors.

A well thought out and creative logo can do wonders for your business and brand.  It must be really important if all the biggest corporations and businesses are spending thousands of dollars on their logo designs.  There are many places now that offer great services and can design a wonderful logo for your business.  Here are a few design sites that I have found as well as a great site for logo inspiration.

When it comes to your business, your logo matters.