Urban Explorer Episode 2: 101 Oak Street / A Step Back in Time Antique Shop

By Brent Cotter

For our second installment of Urban Explorer, we wanted to feature a building on the Ohio side. Given the fact that the Step Back in Time antique shop features a great storefront, a unique second floor, and is open to the public (thereby easier to photograph), featuring the building was a no brainer. 

While the building is currently being used as an antique store, it's exact history through the years cannot be verified. It's believed to have been a saloon early after it's construction.

If you're a Union City history buff, you owe it to yourself to drop by. There are a number of Union City related items throughout the store. As an added bonus, the current owner/operators are very knowlegdable of Union City history and are gladly willing to answer any questions.

The shop is currently open 12-5 on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Or by appointment by calling 964-3921.