The Wha? Column: Utilizing Twitter

Now that I’ve introduced you to Twitter and the differences that distinguishes it from Facebook, let’s look how to effectively use it for your business.  I hope that after you sign up for Twitter, you check out their help section to better familiarize yourself with key terms and the basics to get yourself tweeting. You can find the help section here.

The first thing you have to ask yourself if you’re a business owner is how are you going to use Twitter to help your business.  Are you trying to help grow sales specifically, promote your brand or new products, do you have a new promotion, or are you using Twitter for customer service and feedback?

Before you start tweeting, you have to come up with a strategic plan on how you are going to handle information going out to the public.  Without a plan, customers can become confused by what kind of message you are trying to put out if your tweets are too vague or are saying too many different things not related to what you do.

The next idea is to figure out who your target audience or target customer is.  You may want to start following people on Twitter who you may feel could become a valuable customer.  You don’t want to start following thousands of random people because you will become inundated with a monstrous amount of tweets that will not give you valuable information that you need for your business. You might want to start out following fellow employees and public figures in your community that may help your niche and then move onto customer interests. You should next learn how to better engage your responses to your customers because people want to feel they’re being responded to by a human being and not by a robotic response system.

There are many reasons why a company should maintain a presence on Twitter.  Once your business becomes established on Twitter and begins to build a network of followers, you can use your platform for publicity and provide information and news on your services, products, and anything else that is going on with your business.  You can utilize Twitter to promote new contests, giveaways, and deals in real-time.  One of the best reasons to utilize Twitter is because it's another avenue to provide better customer service.

Here is a great article on using Twitter to help with customer service.

Learning about these various ways of promoting your business via Twitter and other social media outlets only put’s you one-step ahead of your competition.  Social media is here to stay whether we like it or not, so why not utilize them and help your business grow. 

Thank you for reading The Wha? Column this week and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!