Cameron Romero Q & A

Cameron Romero will be at Firehouse Pipes on Friday, July 1st. Come out and listen to what he has to offer for the creative crowd.  Firehouse Pipes is located at 226 N. Plum St. in Union City, Indiana. Help share and "Like" the Firehouse Pipes and Wymer Design & Promotions Facebook Pages for more exciting events to follow.

Q. What can people expect from your seminar at Firehouse Pipes?

I'm not generally known for sugar coating things so I'd say people can expect a no bullshit experience. I don't speak to groups to blow sunshine. This is not an easy business in which to find and earn a living. All I can hope is that people take away some good advice about the lifestyle and commitment a career in film. 
> Q. What is it about J.B. Beverley and his music that inspired you to make a film about him?

J.B. and I have been best friends and brothers for about a decade now and we have always worked on or collaborated on various creative endeavors. We've seen each other through some great times and some not so great times as well.

He invited me to join him on this tour and while we were on the spring leg, my inner creative and filmmaker brain kept getting louder and louder in my head so I started to listen and what I saw became something I had no choice but to make.

There are a lot of parallels in our lives and in our careers but there is one constant between us and, I believe, all artists who have dedicated their lives to their craft. That constant is the ever present inner struggles that we go through as musicians, filmmakers, writers, poets, painters or whatever. The struggle that is punctuated by outside forces or people who both consciously and unconsciously seem to work to make people like us question our own resolve.

Traveling across the country together, I've had the privilege of seeing something filmmakers don't often get to see or experience. I've gotten to see fans and friends of both his and mine try to lift is both up when the doubt comes about anything and it's truly a perspective on our beautiful country and the people who make it move that most people will never get to see unless someone like me documents it.

So the short answer to your question is that I really just want to share a journey with viewers and hopefully tell a story that may inspire just one person to not give up and to keep moving forward no matter how hard that decision may be to make. 
> Q. Growing up the son of such a legendary father (George Romero) do you feel you were destined to be in the movie business? Has the Romero last name been a blessing or a curse to your career?
> Q. Who are your current favorite Directors?


Shall I go on?
> Q. You have worked extensively with Tom Sizemore, is he your favorite actor to work with?

Working with Tom is always one of my favorite experiences as a director. In my opinion he is one of the best true actors of our time and he has always been a consummate professional on set.

We spend some time talking about his character, the scenes of the day, the overall goal for the film and generally just shoot the Shit for a bit. When it's time roll camera, he's there, in the moment and when he walks on a hot set, there is a feeling that a movie star... a real movie star is about to do his thing.

I also always hand him a trinket like a zippo or a pen when he gets to set and he takes it, owns it and always... always surprises me when he figures a way to work it into his character or a moment.

It's always an honor to work with Tom and I can't wait to do it again. 
> Q. What are you goals at this point in your career?


To live free and create. 

Coach Noff Memorial 5K Run

Coach Noff Memorial 5K Run Artisan Crossing Park Union City, IN Saturday, September 10, 2016 8:30 AM (Eastern)

Coach Noff Memorial 5K Run
Artisan Crossing Park
Union City, IN
Saturday, September 10, 2016
8:30 AM (Eastern)

Coach James Noffsinger, 1947-2015

An avid runner for a large part of his life, Jim Noffsinger inspired runners in the Union City community since organizing the West Side Road Runners Club in the early 70s to coaching winning cross country and track teams for over thirty years. 

To honor the legacy of this devoted teacher and coach, his family, along with the Union City Arts Festival committee, will host the Coach Noff Memorial 5k Run on Saturday, September 10 at 8:30 a.m., in conjunction with the Arts Festival in Union City, Indiana.

Be sure to "Like" the Coach Noff Memorial 5K Run Facebook Page to stay informed about this event and help spread the word!

Tail Pipes At The Firehouse

The racing season begins on June 24th at the Winchester Speedway with three days of exciting activities. Just one of those activities is “Tail Pipes @ The Firehouse” scheduled for June 24th from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm at Firehouse Pipes, 226 North Plum Street, Union City. The event will provide an opportunity for the community to view a few of the race cars and meet many of the drivers and their pit crews, who will be racing over the weekend. The drivers will be available for photos and autographs. A complete BBQ dinner will be provided by Woodcrest Lanes and beer and wine will be available. Folks will also be given a brief demonstration on the fully restored 1926 Page pipe organ by Justin Nimmo, a young, professional organist from Indianapolis. Additionally, music will be provided by the Firehouse Band. All this for just $10.00 per person! Tickets are available in Union City at The 209, at the offices of Randolph County Tourism in Winchester or by calling 765-232-4675 or 765-584-3266. Please make your reservations early as seating is limited. This event is being jointly sponsored by Randolph County Tourism, Firehouse Pipes and the Winchester Speedway.