Local Family Reaching out for Possible Donor

Jennifer Geesy (Randolph Eastern School Corporation Teacher) is on a mission to find a possible kidney donor for her husband Josh. Please take the time to read her message and help spread the word!

As some of you may be aware, my husband, Josh, needs a kidney. One thing that was made crystal clear to us today at transplant orientation is the big difference between receiving a kidney from a living donor compared to that of someone that has passed away. I cannot give Josh a kidney, but as I sat there today listening to everything ahead of him and our family, I made a commitment to do anything possible to find him one, and I am asking for your help. If you are even remotely interested in being screened as a donor or have questions about the process please contact the transplant center Monday through Friday 8:00-4:00 at 800-382-4602. It starts with a phone interview to get your medical history to see if you are a candidate to be a donor. We aren't told who is calling or anything about the process, so it is completely private. You just have to tell them you are interested in donating to Joshua Geesy. Our insurance covers all your costs of the process aside from travel, time off of work, etc. 

I am also asking that you share this with others. Listening to the stories of how donors have been found from billboards, Facebook pages, etc., I now realize you really do have to put yourself out there, no matter how uncomfortable asking for something like this can be. 

Finally, I ask that you just keep us in your thoughts. While I am so grateful that he is doing really well for someone in this position, the last few months have taken their toll on all of us. We are getting a lot of practice dealing with the unknown and not being able to plan around here lately. I am so grateful for the kind words and supportive gestures that have already come our way. Thanks!

Art Hub Grand Opening


The Art Hub will have an official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday, August 7th, at their location at 215 N. Columbia St. All are invited to join the festivities at 5pm. To help celebrate, they will have extended hours until 7pm that evening.  Refreshments and drinks will be available.

The Art Hub now has 21 artists including drawings, watercolors, oils, pastels, baskets, alpaca products, hand cranked socks, homemade lotions, painted and beaded gourds, hand crafted furniture from Indiana grown lumber from Frank Miller Lumber, pottery, jewelry, handmade note cards and more. See you there!